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Life's Defense

  • Life's Defense

    Our Life's DEFENSE humic acid complex formula helps prevent viral replication in the body and helps mitigate symptoms associated with active viral infections. It functions as a broadspectrum antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and bi-directional antioxidant. Life's DEFENSE contains a earth's richest source of bio-available minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, transfer factors , phytochemicals, and the amino acids necessary for normal cell function, healthy cell metabolism, and the repair and synthesis of DNA and RNA.

    Scientists have now discovered what indigenous cultures have know for centuries, that humic substances play a vital role in preventing the spread of viral infections and have important immune-protective properties. As a natural chelator and functionally adaptive bi-directional antioxidant, Life's DEFENSE helps deliver intercellular nutrition and remove intercellular toxins. Taken on a regular basis, it may help support and boost the immune system.

    All humic and fulvic acids are not the same. While deposits of humic acid can be found all over the world, quality purity and efficacy vary greatly by source. Manufacturing and processing can also impact the efficacy, quality and purity of the final product. Our Life's DEFENSE is sourced from the world's finest deposit. Our product undergoes rigorous analysis and testing and is processed without heat, pressure or chemicals.

    People with the following conditions have experience relief with Life's DEFENSE: Epstein Barr, Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis C, Pneumonia, Chronic Fatigue, Shingles and more! Composed of more than 75 trace minerals, each capsule contains 600mg of our high potency complex in a vegetarian capsule.

    Note: Life's DEFENSE May Help: Lower your viral load by inhibiting viral replication; Reduce the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms; Mitigate symptoms associated with active viral infections; Increase resistance to infectious diseases; Boost your body's immune function; Stimulate the phagocytic and bactericidal activity of granulocytes; Stimulate lymphocytes; Increase CD4 cell counts; and Raise blood oxygen levels. 60 capsules.