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GSI has over 18 groundbreaking herbal based heath products

YOU Have NEVER Experienced ANYTHING Like Om!

Om will fire the imagination of the user. The feeling of well being, the youthful vitality and the possibilities for health are endless. The most brilliant minds of the past have predicted that sound waves would be the Advanced Wellness System of the Future.

  • Om Lotion and Gel

    Our Om Lotion and Gel are bio conductive energy products that are able to transmit the energy (sound wave) to the skin and body, helping to reduce pain in minutes, due to insect bites, sore muscles and joint discomfort. Om technology uses a proprietary sound wave and crystal heat combination to impart a charge to its base ingredients that are easily and quickly transferred to the user's affected areas. Contains Aloe Vera which can be massaged into the body to penetrate deep into muscle tissue on all bodily areas such as hands, neck, forehead, back, shoulders, legs, feet, etc.

    Note: When applied to the temples, this almost miraculous lotion may help reduce or eliminate headaches! When applied to rashes or Candida patches, they virtually disappear in hours!


  • Om Powder

    Our Om Energized Powder is 100% USP/FDA graded ingestible Kaolin Clay Powder, infused with Om technology. It can be used in various ways to promote good health and natural energy that the body needs to stay balanced. Works great as a cleansing agent by eliminating all noxious substances. Everything that is unhealthy and emitting negative energy is irresistibly attracted to this clay and becomes subject to immediate elimination.

    Note: Can be used for brushing teeth; a deodorant alternative; applying to skin conditions such as acne, eczema, scaring, age spots, wrinkles, boils, etc.; enhances blood circulation; absorbs bacteria, viruses, gases and toxins in the digestive system; as a gastric protector, it relieves pain from acidity, heart burn and ulcers; reduces inflammation; removes toxins, metals & parasites.


  • Om Colloidal Silver

    Our Om Colloidal Silver is an all natural, broad spectrum germ fighter that is infused with Om technology. For centuries silver has been used as an antibacterial agent, and when used as directed, is a powerful defense against harmful pathogens.

    Note: It is very important to know the quality of the colloidal silver you use. Our Om Silver Solution is produced using the latest technology and superior production methods. Our solution contains 20ppm of the purest silver suspended in ultra-pure, laboratory grade water. It is not a salt, iodide, protein, or gelatinous based product. It is made slowly in small batches using a state-of-the-art, commercial colloid generator which automatically adjusts voltage as water conductivity increases. This keeps the electrical current constant and produces uniform particles of silver which are consistently small (.0008-.005 microns), as indicated by the clarity of the liquid. Our generator also employs a circulation pump during production to provide an even distribution of particles and prevent agglomeration (smaller particles binding together to form larger ones).